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I would like to contact Mr. Alex Alexiev who has written articles about TABLIGHI JAMAAT (radical Islamic preaching group based in Pakistan). I am author of two books viz "DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM" and "FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR". These books are currently sold by all major online bookstores including and (Barnes and Noble Books). In my book "DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM", I had written specific details about Tablighi Jamaat´s involvement in conspiring to form Islamic Republic of Xinjiang in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. Lt. General (retired) Javed Nasir (former Director General ISI-Pakistan´s secret agency) had been visiting Xinjiang along with several other missionaries and reporting back to his elders based in Raiwind (headquarter of Tablighi Jamaat). During General Musharraf´s tenure, this activity was stopped due to intervention by the Musharraf regime after receipt of an official complaint by the Chinese government. Tablighi Jamaat postponed all ongoing activities in Xinjiang after arrests of its missionaries in Xinjiang by Chinese secret agency which sent an embarassing signal to GHQ- Rawalpindi (Pakistan Army). Consequently, Lt. General (retired) Javed Nasir was ordered to ensure that TJ had stopped all its efforts for the formation of an Islamic state in Chinese province of Xinjiang. I know all these facts because at that time I was a prominent member of TJ and had the opportunity to be present inside the room where top TJ leadership used to assemble and discuss "expansion of Islam in the world". Maulana Abdul Wahab, Maulvi Jamshed, Mufti Zainul Abdin, Maulana Muhammad Ahmed, Maulana Saeed Ahmed Khan, Maulana Farooq (son of Babu Bashir) and several other top TJ leadership used to exchange views about spread of Islam all over the world in line with the sayings of the Holy Prophet (Muhammad). My presence in such inside gatherings was for the reason that I was given responsibility of talking with foreigners (in english language) who had come to Raiwind to spend time i.e. 4 months in the way of Allah being the mandatory intellectual training period through physical movement in various regions in Pakistan). I was assigned the duty to communicate with such foreigners and convey to them sort of "progress report" about TJ´s global mission to spread Islam in various parts of the world including USA, Europe and also China being an important region.

I would like to come into contact with Mr. Alex so that I should be able to reveal certain other important things which I cannot write here.

I live in Germany now and can be contacted on tel 0049-1747061641 or by email :


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