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Boom Trucks

I think it's sad that Americans are so racist that they can't think logically anymore. It's just a mosque. Not all Muslims are terrorists. There are billions of Muslims in the world. If they were all terrorists, you and I would be dead.
There were Muslims in the world trade center when it was struck. They were the victims of terrorism too. In fact, there are Muslims from India to Morocco that are murdered by terrorists every day. It's important to remember that the word Muslim is NOT synonymous with terrorist.
As far as the construction funding goes, the Muslim Brotherhood isn't paying for it.
Are you angry that Buddhist temples are going to go in too? If you're gonna be racists against other religions, you may as well include them all.
BTW, I'm a Christian. I've just spend enough time outside the US to not have my mind poisoned by the racism floating around in the USA right now. Try exposing yourself to some diversity. It'll air out your brain.


Boom Trucks, you have failed to fathom the reason muslims are killing other muslims. The ones being killed are 'inferior' and therefore no better than we infidels according to islamic law. The issue here is not racism (islam is not a race, it is a religion) but it is about putting a stop to the insidious spread of this barbaric theology. They have a simple plan that is plain to see if you step back from the forest. They claim to be peaceful, merely want to practice their religion as is their 'right' here in the free United States, even though their religion endorses child brides, and honor killings, among other atrocities. More and more we see things like judges who uphold sharia law such as the man who raped his wife and the judge ruled it permissible because his religion told him it was right; the American Academy of Pediatrics deciding it is okay for pediatricians to do a 'nick' (a cut that must draw blood) female circumcision so these idiots won't take their daughters out of the U.S. to have them mutilated; etc. And while U.S. Christians vow responsible low population growth and have 1 or 2 kids per couple, muslims breed like rabbits because as their population grows exponentially, and ours shrinks correspondingly, it won't be long before we are well outnumbered and just another muslim nation where our democratic and/or free and/or Christian culture, values, and lifestyle will be forbidden.
It has to stop somewhere or at least be held at bay. If they wanted to peacefully co-exist they would not be so insensitive as to demand to build a monument to the most successful strike of radical islamists ever within view of ground zero. It is a ploy, a way to legitimize and insert themselves into our society, one insult at a time, and it will prove us weak because of our 'tolerance' yet again. These are not stupid, bumbling, or humble people. Do not underestimate them.

Alyssa A Lappen

Try reading Wahhab, and see if you still think it's "just a mosque." Wahhab would have imposed all sorts of restrictions on you, as a non-Muslim, and guess what? Feisal Rauf supports those SAME restrictions, which he'll devote 5 floors of "just a mosque" to implementing --- in the U.S. and worldwide. Bloomberg is blind as a bat on this issue, no surprise, since he has invested heavily in Islamic finance. But the rest of us need to keep our eyes open. That means you, as well.

Air out your own brain, and get rid of the cobwebs that prevent you from reading and understanding the full implications of what you have read.

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