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Post 911, US Internal Revenue Service authorities instituted a Foreign Tax Project (FTP) which encompasses a global search for mass quantities of cash possibly or connected with or influenced by international terror organizations. The DEA is also heavily involved in the efforts of the IRS. In a coordinated effort to avoid paying US tax debt, investigators report that these cash transactional flow are directed to such well known tax havens as Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Belgium, Luxemburg, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. In addition, it is also a well known fact within the intelligence community, that large Arabic and Russian conglomerate trusts are routinely held by the aforementioned countries financial institutions. Confidential sources report that the third round of individuals reportedly under scrutiny with potential international border detainment are: UK Resident Mr John Gloster, Liechtenstein Resident Jean La Croix, Luxemburg Resident Michele M. Albert and Dutch Resident Mr. Paul R. Westra. Sources supposes also suggest that several of these persons is well known to have close connections with Mr Ornstein Roman, who was earlier wanted by the DEA.


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